Paragon 8oz Replacement Parts

Is your Paragon Theater eight ounce, Professional series eight, Contempo 8, or 1911-8oz popcorn machine in need of a new kettle? The six ounce popcorn machine parts line includes common parts for the Paragon Contempo popcorn machine, 1911-6oz Popcorn machine, Professional Series eight, & 1911-8 black popcorn machines. Popcorn machine front & side glass include the sliders (extrusions) to fit between the glass and aluminum frame.

8oz Replacement Kettle


Left Door Theater 8/Contempo 8/Professional 8

Right Door Theater 8/Contempo 8/Professional 8

1911-8 Left Door

1911-8 Right Door

Drop Door For All 6 & 8oz Poppers


Red Metal Top For Theater 6 & 8

Replacement Bulb for 4, 6, & 8oz Popcorn Machines

Front Glass Blue for 1911 8oz Poppers

Glass Side Blue for 1911 8oz Poppers

Front Glass for Theater 8 Professional 8oz Poppers

Theater 8/Professional 8 Side Glass

Contempo 8 Tinted Front Glass

Contempo 8 Side Glass