Popcorn Portion Kits

We are fast becoming #1 for the best deals on popcorn supplies.  Super fast service and low, low, prices.  Why not see what others have already discovered. 
Now offering both dual and tri pack movie popcorn kits. 
Many companies have taken advantage of our super low prices and bonus Free case of popcorn. We will gladly keep all your payment details on file. Corporate ordering is easy. Simply call our Toll Free number: 877-870-7829 to place your order.

Why Is Ours The Best?

  • Back by popular demand! Tri Packs W/salt control!
  • We buy direct from the popcorn packer. No need to add extra money going through a third party.
  • Rich tasting coconut oil to give it the true At-The-Movies-Popcorn experience
  • Buttery salt topping
  • Top quality popcorn kernels
  • Oh, did we mention the savings...lots!

4oz Coconut Oil Kits

For 4oz popcorn machines

6oz Coconut Oil Kits

For 6oz popcorn machines

6oz Coconut Oil & White Popcorn Kits

8oz Coconut Oil Kits

For 8oz popcorn machines

12oz Coconut Oil Kits

For 12oz popcorn machines