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What makes popcorn pop?

How do I clean a popcorn machine?

How long does it take to cook?

What type of oil is best

All these answers can be found in our popcorn FAQ section by clicking the link above.

Theater Four Popcorn Machine w/cart.

Couple watching a movie enjoying popcorn

Enjoying hot popcorn right from your new Paragon popcorn machine is fun!


Imagine their faces when you serve up their favorite flavors.  Each carton should yield about 50-1oz servings



Need a replacement part for your Paragon Popcorn Machine? Check out the new expanded online parts department packed with owner's manuals and easy online ordering to many Paragon popcorn machine parts.

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Popcorn Machines



Popcorn machines
Factory direct popcorn machines. Home of the best Paragon Popcorn machine selection. Made in the USA. Our snow cone machines, commercial popcorn machines, matching antique popcorn carts and a large selection of low cost concession supplies. We even offer sno-cone machine and concession supplies that are top quality and yet affordable. Be sure to look for the free case of popcorn in the popcorn supply section.
Theater Six Popcorn Machine
Are you looking for Real Theater Popcorn but don't want to spend a lot of money? Be sure to compare our mouthwatering popcorn kits with real coconut oil for the that perfect theater taste!

What Size Popcorn Machine Do I Need?

The best way to determine the actual size machine you will need is to figure out how many one-ounce servings you will go through in your busiest hour. A one-ounce serving is a bag approximately 3 -1/2 " wide by 2" deep and 8" tall (if you use a different serving size, convert it to one ounce servings). Divide the number of one-ounce servings per hour by 16 and you will have the size machine you will need to meet your busiest demand. Example: In the busiest hour you use 125 one-ounce servings. 125 divided by 16 equals 7.81, so you should order an eight-ounce machine.

Serious about a popcorn machine?

Popcorn Demonstration Video

A Paragon snow cone machine, a little ice, and some snow cone syrup, will deliver the "cool" fun. Our one third horsepower motors can shave over 500 lbs of ice per hour! All of our sno-cone machine models come complete with a three year warranty,easy to use controls, and state-of-the-art graphics. We now offer six models. Choose from 1911 Storm, The Blizzard, Port-A-Blast, The Blast, Simply-A-Blast, and the Cooler.


Easy to use and durable, our cotton candy makers are made from quality materials, and produce incredibly high quality cotton candy. Like our other concession products, Paragon's cotton candy machines are top of the line and made in the USA.
Paragon Cotton Candy Machines

Our sturdy cotton candy machine carts are built from steel, and provide extra mobility, convenience, and great merchandising opportunities. Each machine has a stainless steel top, which removes for easy cleaning, and our cotton candy maker carts are manufactured with a chip-resistant coating.


Super deals on cotton candy supplies. Look for cotton candy bags, floss cones, cone holders and a large selection of cotton candy floss. All at low, low, prices.


New Product Update

Personalized Popcorn Machines

Personalized Popcorn Machines


Any good popcorn machine needs At-The-Movies-Popcorn. Bring out the best of a popcorn machine with good tasting popcorn. Packed with rich coconut oil, buttery topping salt, and just the right amount of popcorn kernals. Each case contains 24 packs of pre-measured popcorn.

Hot Deals On Popcorn Supplies

A super selection of popcorn boxes, snap-open boxes, printed popcorn bags, movie style popcorn cups, plastic popcorn buckets, and handy popcorn salt dispensers are located in our popcorn supply section.




Theater Four w/Stand




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